One of the best NLP consultant.as good as Tony Robins. I overcame my deepest fear with Su. I sincerely believe that she can help you with you phobias, relationships, financial or even motivational issues through NLP. I did the food intolerance test with her and that was very revealing. The best quality about Su is she is so patient, compassionate and kind. Thanks you Su O’Hanlon…you are the best…hugs xxx Annie Newman

“Su helped my daughter immensely in dealing with some negative emotions and managing stressful situations which have really helped her go forward and cope better with life. She is a lovely person and I would thoroughly recommend her.” Lucy Cracknell


“I went to Su for some training for some issues following a harrowing experience with a client that left me a bit shaky about doing business with other larger clients. Using a range of simple, but effective NLP strategies and tools, the issue was removed within 2 hours, and meant I could move forward with my business, as I have done. Great service, nice approach and very relaxed – which is what you need really.

I recommend Su without hesitation, in fact recommended her only last week!”
Scott Whitehead


“I have had a few sessions with Su and I think she is absolutely amazing.  I would recommend any and everyone to her.  I was a very troubled person with a tremendous amount of issues, my husband used to get so frustrated with me, I could always tell but he never gave up on me neither did Su.  She was there for me even if it was so phone call to see how I was doing.

Being an anxious person and very paranoid about the outside world.  I never left my house for 5 years.  I was too scared to even cross the road to walk my dogs.  A year later I saw Su.  I faced my passed issues, I learned why they happened and what meaning it brought to my life and I also opened up to my parents.  I had no fear to tell them about my past.  I am looking into the future now.  I was scared of heights and I have now crossed 3 bridges I concurred my fear of heights and am about to have my first holiday in 7 years.  I honestly feel like a new person and it is not just me who has noticed this.  Friends, family, colleagues and my husband have seen a difference in me.  I have started opening up to people, although not to many as yet but one step at a time as I never let anyone close enough to me to get to know the real me.

The techniques to keep me calm and grounded etc work.  Even a touch on the shoulder or breathing through my heart really works.  I have never felt so confident and I feel like I can do anything.  I have a way to go but if you have experience anything that I have please do see Su.  She came into my life for a reason and I am very grateful for what she has done for me and what she will continue to do for me.

Don’t be afraid to let go, start your new life today feel good about yourself and move forward to the future.  Throw that old baggage away and start living life to the full.  Life is amazing but we are so stuck in our own issues we don’t realize the good that is out there.”
Cheryl Van dyke (2020 Healing Arts Centre Client)


“Dear Su,
Many thanks for your help and guidance with my Grade 5 Clarinet exam. After talking to you I played all the pieces and didn’t feel nervous. In fact I quite enjoyed it – a complete change in my attitude. I passed the exam and now feel unstoppable and so much more confident.”
love Diane

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