Stress reduction in a heartbeat

HM Provider logo general-300Stress tends to feed on itself.  You get worried about something and then your worried state makes you feel bad, so you worry some more.  When you’re tense your heart beats faster, your breathing is shallow and you can get short of oxygen.  Emotional states can trigger physical responses.

HeartMath is a scientific approach to helping you to get your emotional state in balance.

It’s painless and you will complete a session feeling much more relaxed and able to deal with whatever life throws at you.

These are techniques that you can learn to use anywhere whenever you feel you need to be more in control of yourself.  It’s not a treatment, more a tool that you apply when you need it.The HeartMath program operates through a sensor that clips gently to your ear lobe and monitors the variability of your heartbeat.  Whilst this is in place you’ll learn some simple techniques to calm the emotional waves.

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You can book a series of sessions – 6 or 12 – to help you get control of your stress levels.  It can even be carried out remotely using Skype.

To find out more about HeartMath please give Su a call on 01376 32 1558 or 07946 524 883 or send your enquiry by email for more information.

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