Back on Track Coaching

back_on_track_moving-forwards-1431097-4-mEveryone has things in their life that hold them back – if you’re suffering from one of these, life can seem like an endless battle instead of a joyride.  Su O’Hanlon offers an opportunity for you to get control of all those things that are getting in the way of the life you’d like to lead.

Explore this list of issues – do any of them sound familiar?

  • Phobias and fears – whether it’s spiders, bananas or flying there are ways to help you banish your fears
  • Confidence and self-esteem; develop positive strategies to help you to face the world feeling good about yourself
  • Setting and achieving goals – there’s an art to getting what you want from life as well as tools and techniques you can learn to help along the way
  • Being in the spotlight – whether this is making a presentation, a musical performance, exams, driving tests or performing well in an interview.  When it feels like everyone is looking at you, discover how to step up with confidence
  • Achieve balance and clarity in your home life and with your finances so you’re not tripped up by clutter and traumatised by your bank statement.

Coaching is a way of helping you to help yourself – and a good coach knows how to ask the right questions and when to ask them.  Coaching is dynamic, unlike counselling, which tends to be reflective.

Useful tools like Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and breakthrough sessions will help you to achieve your aspirations and break down those barriers that are holding you back.  In fact, you’ll get the opportunity to live life your way.  Don’t leave it another day – call Su on 01376 32 1558 or 07946 524 883  or send your enquiry by email to find out more.

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