addiction-brain-in-hand-717339-mIf you’re addicted to something it can seem impossible to break the habit.  That may be smoking, drinking, taking drugs, gambling, shopping or even eating certain things.

With the right support you can beat those addictions, but it’s a big mountain to climb alone unless you have a will of iron (and you probably wouldn’t be addicted if you had).

The first step is the hardest – admitting you need help – from there it gets better and better.  With the right support you can overcome your addiction and get control back of your life.

There are a range of therapies that can help with your journey to explore why you got ‘hooked’ and the best way for you of moving away from the source of your addiction.

Talk to Su about what you want to achieve, just give her a call on 01376 32 1558 or 07946 524 883 or email for more information.

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