Stress Management

Is stress is getting you down?

stress_management_stress-ball-851775-mWhilst a little stress is good for you – it’s what gets you out of bed in the morning – too much can be fatal.  Different people can manage different amounts of stress; some people seem to thrive on it, but if you live life burdened by stress all day, every day, you’re asking for serious health problems.

Stress can trigger panic attacks and cause insomnia, palpitations, irrational feelings, or reduce your ability to function in either specific situations or generally and, eventually, manifest in physical conditions – like eczema, hair loss, coronary heart disease, heart attacks and strokes.

Whether it’s stress caused by a mountain of work, stress generated by exams, stress created by a difficult relationship or the stress that comes from dealing with an addiction to alcohol, drugs or nicotine, there are methods that will help you to deal with it and gain control.

An initial discussion to explore the right approach for you is step one – and you can talk to Su on 07946 524 883 or take a look at some of the techniques that can be used to help you to beat stress and stay healthy.

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